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The Best Sushi in Orlando! A Local's Guide to Savoring Flavors

Charles Harder | November 9, 2023

Hey, sushi lovers! If you're a resident or visitor in Winter Garden or Orlando, you're in for a culinary delight. Today, I'm sharing my personal favorites—places I've dined at, relished every bite, and felt a part of a gastronomic family. From the ambience to the authenticity, each of these restaurants creates an experience you won’t forget.

Norigami: A Sushi Paradise in Winter Garden

Situated in the vibrant Plant Street Market, Norigami is my go-to spot when I'm craving sushi in Winter Garden. With an array of fresh, sumptuous options, this sushi bar is a haven for locals and visitors alike. The chefs at Norigami work magic with their knives, serving up delicacies that almost make you forget you're in central Florida. As someone who sells dream homes in Winter Garden, it's places like these that make me proud to introduce clients to the community.

And I am not the only one that likes this place. Norigami recently won a Michelin Bib Gourmand 2023 Award by the renowned Michelin Guide!

Shin Japanese Cuisine: The Crown Jewel of Orlando

Orlando is a city of wonders, and when it comes to sushi, Shin Japanese Cuisine is my go to for consistently excellent sushi! Each maki roll is a masterpiece, perfectly balanced in flavor and texture. My go to is the Shin Citron roll and their best in class Shrimp Tempura roll nis another favorite. The sashimi is always fresh and buttery soft. Only like cooked food? Give their Chicken Nan Ban a try. It is a wonderful mix of flavors that will make you smile!

I often find myself lost in the meal at Shin, momentarily forgetting the stresses of life. It's a unique dining space where even the most discerning palates feel satisfied.

Like sake? Shin has some of the best sake's by the glass! My personal favorite is the Kaiun, but the others warrant a try as well.

Kabooki Sushi: A Fusion of Flavors

Another not-to-be-missed spot in Orlando is Kabooki Sushi. When you're at Kabooki, you’re not just eating sushi—you’re experiencing it. From the appetizers to the dessert, it's a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The culinary innovation at Kabooki is akin to landing that perfect property deal—it's exciting, rewarding, and leaves you wanting more.

Into people watching? Kabooki not only has great food but a great atmosphere. Although sometimes a bit loud, this is one of the places to see and be seen!

Bonzai Sushi: Where Dr. Phillips Comes Alive

If you find yourself in the Dr. Phillips area, Bonzai Sushi is a must-visit. Known for its rich flavors and exquisite variety, it’s a place where both traditional and modern sushi lovers feel at home. The cozy ambience elevates the experience, making it an ideal spot for dinner conversations or intimate celebrations.

Call ahead and make reservations as this family owned gem fills up quickly and does not do take out!

What is your go to Sushi Spot?

What is your favorite sushi place? I would love to hear from you and I am ALWAYS looking for somewhere new to try.

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My Final Thoughts

If you're passionate about sushi as much as I am, exploring these remarkable restaurants will certainly be a treat for your taste buds. And just as you deserve the best sushi, you also deserve the finest living experience. As an accomplished real estate agent, I've been helping people find their dream homes at all price points—from condos to castles. When you think of upgrading your lifestyle, either by savoring Orlando's best sushi or purchasing your dream home, my team should be your first choice for an unparalleled experience.

Intrigued? Looking for more local recommendations or real estate advice? Dive deeper into our website to uncover a wealth of information.

Bon Appétit and Happy Home Hunting!

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